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Reading Goals for 2014

Normally I’d put pen to paper and hang it on my wall when it comes to writing lists – especially goal orientated ones. However, kick-starting my blogging adventure has been tricky so far. I’ve got three posts tucked into the drafts folder waiting to be published, but I wanted to open with something a little bit more… personal? Therefore, I’ve decided to post a list that has been subconsciously compiling for the last twenty-two days: a list of my reading goals in 2014.

1. Read 75 Books in 2014

My reading goals have very rarely surpassed “read (insert number here) amount of books in (insert year)” and 2014 will be no different. I fell short last year, by a whopping twenty books but this year I will not trip up. I’ve already got seven under my belt, which, with my aim being seventy-five, puts me at 9%. Not bad for January! 

2. Complete a Challenge

I’ve never attempted a reading challenge for economic reasons. Having to buy entire series, an author’s entire catalogue or books I don’t normally pursue seemed to be a very daunting and expensive enterprise, especially on  a student budget. This year, however, I’ve found the perfect challenge, which will serve as an excellent incentive to get some of my heavier reading done, but is also manageable and fun!

I’m referring to The 2014 Mammoth Book Challenge, hosted by Darlene’s Book Nook. My aim is to read twelve books of 450+ pages and it’s as blissfully simple as that. The wonderful thing about this challenge is that if I begin to find it too tiresome, I can enlist the help of my brand new cassette player and charity shop audiobook cassettes.

IMG_1737I’ve been wondering which books to apply this challenge. Here are a few of the potential reads. I’ve already closed Mary Barton and Beautiful Creatures with Villette and Beautiful Darkness on my side-table at the minute, so by early February I expect to have four out of twelve under my belt. I’ll be writing the review posts for the former two shortly.

3. Read ALL the Books on My Uni Reading List

Self-explanatory really… for the final semester of second year and the first semester of third year, I aim to read all of the books on my reading list.

4. Blog Regularly!

This blog will have a literary focus therefore one of my reading goals for this year is quite simply to blog regularly – about books, obviously. These will mostly be in the form of reviews but I have the urge to write about a few old favourites, etc, etc…

5. Only Buy Books from Charity Shops (or Independent Book Shops)

 Basically, I love charity shops – they’re always full of gems. I use them primarily for records, cassettes and CDs, but I’ve always been drawn to the book section. I wandered over to the one closest to our house the other day and I came back with three – two non-fiction and one fiction. It’s a wonderful way to engage with a charity, which is one of the reasons why I’ve decided on this resolution. It’s also a great way to save money without having the time limit imposed on you by a library. (Incidentally I will be visiting the library a bit more too this year, but I’m much fonder of the charity shop idea.) I also plan to return them afterwards so that someone else can purchase them.

Of course, this resolution doesn’t apply to the books on my uni reading list. Although it’s not impossible to find them all in charity shops, it’ll be much simpler to order them at a local independent book shop. In other words, I’ll be avoiding my beloved Waterstones and Amazon (fingers crossed).

And if possible… read more non-fiction and contemporary fiction. Focus more on the books I already own and haven’t read yet rather than repeatedly buying more books. Finally, don’t be afraid to abandon books!

And that’s it! So what are your goals for 2014? Anyone aiming for 100+ books this year?


3 comments on “Reading Goals for 2014

  1. Iwanttogetmorecreative
    January 24, 2014

    Not really. Just read and blog a whole lot, no specific numbers to be met. Cloud atlas caught my attention, I would love to read your review of it once you’ve read it 😀 .. and great post 🙂

    • Lady Lazarus Reviews
      January 24, 2014

      Cloud Atlas has been on my shelf for so long now, it’s about time I actually sat down and read it! I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, though. Hopefully it’s as good as everyone says. Good luck with your goals!

      • Iwanttogetmorecreative
        January 24, 2014

        Saw the movie and it was excellent. Book should be even better, 🙂 . Thank you.

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